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My Views of Michael

The more I understand him, the more I grow spiritually.  

After seeing him in handcuffs, I pulled out some of his music that I had not listened to in a while.  It was just a few months prior to that day that I began my own conscience spiritual journey, which gave me the ability to, for the first time, see and hear his spiritual wisdom coming through in his lyrics. 

To be sure that I wasn’t just being over dramatic, I got the lyrics to his songs and read them.  To my shock and surprise I heard him from a totally new perspective.  What I realized was that prior to that day, I got lost in his music and for the most part heard his voice as if it were just another instrument.  I had never heard his message.  Now that I have, I understand him a lot more and I’m learning why he is who he is.  That puppy love I tucked away in my heart 30 years ago was rekindled; I fell in love with him all over again, only it wasn’t about the way he sings and dances or his beautiful smile.  This time, I’ve fallen in love with his spirit.

This was also around the same time that I decided to go back to school to study criminal justice, which only peaked my interest in the trial more.  I decided that I wanted the facts of the matter because I didn’t want to base my belief in his innocence solely on the fact that I wanted to believe it.  The more I compared the stories from Court TV and others to the few, more objective reports, court documents and transcripts, the more clear it became that he was being railroaded, or as Jermaine would say, lynched.  I also realized more than ever, just how prevalent brainwashing by the mainstream media is in America, not just about Michael, but about a multitude of other things that directly affect us all as well.

I believe that sadly, he’s very misunderstood, mostly due to the negative tabloid/media hype and my purpose for this webpage is, in my own way, to give back for the inspiration that I’ve received from Michael through his works and from he and his family through watching them persevere in their times of tribulations and storms. 

They kept the faith.

I only hope to one day have a measure of the level of strength and faith that they have.

This is my journal of thoughts and prayers and hopefully it will shed a little more light on the overshadowed positive press.  I pray that people leave here with more insight into his true character and a better understanding of who he is.  I’ll share things I think he would appreciate and enjoy as well as reasons why and things I love about the brotha.

Michael = Chief Angel; Angelic Prince who helps and protects; with his angels, he wars against the devil and his army.
I describe him as a man of granite with the heart of a child

Having traveled around the globe numerous times, he has a most unique perspective on life through his keen insight from so many different cultures

His childlike nature is wrongly perceived as childish by the foolish

Contrary to popular belief, his meekness is by no means weakness, but instead it is controlled strength

His spiritual wisdom and faith surpasses that of many men and women on the pulpit

His sovereign virtue is compassion

He is obedient to heavenly visions

His musical/lyrical talents include Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip/Hop, Classical, Operatic, Gospel, as well as Jazzy flavors.  How many other artists have that range???

The best anyone has done to even compare to his dancing skills is to mimic him

His music videography imagination is second to none

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