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“Underground Railroad” – what the media did not know

We love you more, Michael Jackson

Thursday, June 23, 2005 Mary E. Cox

The world now knows that Michael Jackson was acquitted of all charges against him by a jury who did not believe a teenager’s claim that Jackson sexually molested him, even though Santa Barbara County District Attorney Thomas Sneddon Jr. collaborated with the mother of Jackson’s accuser in the effort to bring those trumped-up charges against the singer.

The world also knows that the media, print as well as TV, predicted that Michael Jackson would be convicted on most of the charges and be sent directly to prison.

Apparently, what the media did not know about was the "Underground Railroad" support group in this country and around the world that prayed collectively for Michael Jackson. By speaking to several people, ages 45 to 80, I learned that Jackson enjoys a wealth of love and support within the African-American community. Most of these Jackson supporters observed the biased media "reporting," but expressed their feelings only within their families and immediate communities.

People developed unadulterated disdain for the media and their treatment of Jackson. The media had little influence on those of us who believed in his innocence, and we continue to demonstrate our unconditional love for him.

Michael and the rest of the Jacksons have contributed much to the betterment of humankind, in this country and around the world. We love Jackson because of his unselfish contributions. Jackson is a musical genius, a humanitarian and a brilliant businessman.

The racist, biased White media viciously attacked Jackson and his family on a daily basis, calling him everything but a child of God. White women played leading roles as front-line attackers on most national television broadcasts. Some of us were reminded of the lynchings that took place down South, where White men would capture, torture and lynch a Black man as their women and children stood around eating and laughing as they would at any sporting event.

Even though Jackson was being tried in a California court of law, he was, nevertheless, being lynched. This media lynching of celebrity sports and entertainment figures is the 21st-century version of the Southern lynchings of Black men during the 20th century. Back in the day, Southern racist "leaders of the community," masked as Klansmen, committed acts of mass terrorism against the African-American community by hunting down suspected Black male transgressors and turning them into "strange fruit."

Today’s lynchings are carried out by and through corporate media. Today’s lynchings skillfully employ today’s media technology. Their main purpose is to instill fear and trepidation into the hearts and minds of African-American men, women and children. The corporate media has consistently and unfairly attacked Jackson for the past 15 years. We stand by silently and watch.

Corporate media demands that we stand silent and watch racist and insensitive television stars like Jay Leno make rude and vicious fun of Jackson, while pretending to be a comedian. Rather, Leno is carrying out his corporate media orders.

Corporate media demands that we stand silent and watch Court TV, established as an electronic extension of the prosecutors’ office, as it operates in a logical vacuum, expecting viewers to accept their mean-spirited propaganda as entertaining enlightenment.

This time around, the corporate media could not hoodwink or bamboozle us with their circus-like coverage of the Michael Jackson travesty trial. The flunky pundits, talking heads and alleged legal experts all demonstrated how out of touch they are with the American public. Most of these "experts" are an embarrassment to the judicial system.

What we saw and what the flunky pundits failed to see is that Jackson was involved in a war. And the Jackson warrior took on the major corporate media and all of their resources, and the prosecutors’ office and all of its resources, including all of those county sheriffs and policemen and district attorneys and investigators and forensic labs, and the tax-endowed bottomless pit of a public coffer filled with unlimited funds.

Each day, Jackson appeared in court with his trim soldiers’ uniform neatly in place. He marched in like a general, with his military staff of soldiers surrounding him. While TV pundits made fun of his entourage and the men responsible for carrying Jackson’s umbrella, these know-nothing pundits failed to notice or comment upon the true significance of these powerful, serious Black men escorting Jackson into the court building.

And the general’s weapons: Jackson assembled one of the finest legal teams in the country to defend him against these bogus charges. Thomas Mesereau Jr. is a highly respected and well-trained attorney whose specialty is civil rights law. As well, he continues to assume pro bono death penalty cases. Mesereau has no interest in celebrity lawyering.

Jackson’s mother and father appeared in court daily, demonstrating their unconditional support for their son. It is not surprising that Jackson’s health was affected negatively as the trial stretched on over these five months. Soldiers in combat are often injured, yet survive to mount bold, brave and successful counterattacks.

To those of you who questioned Jackson’s attire, I suggest you take a closer look at your file film to better view the man you all find the need to demonize, demoralize and degrade. Understand: Michael Jackson is a modern-day warrior. His weapons of mass deployment are love and charitable donations, rather than weapons of mass destruction, such as bombs, missiles, guns and pundits from the Fox network.

Jackson’s love is shared with millions around the world. Children in this country and throughout the world chose, with Michael’s musical guidance, not to engage in violent wars. Instead, they are offered other creative ways to resolve conflict. Love and its true _expression have always been the motivation of a true revolution.

Believe it or not, many understand Jackson’s intentions, despite the distractions and the trivialization campaigns carried on in the corporate media. Many of you will never understand because warmongers have difficulty recognizing love and peace lovers. Jackson will continue to be loved unconditionally, "whitened" skin and all.

I find it incredulous that White critics make such fun of the "bizarre" nature of Jackson’s skin color since, like in most extended African-American families, I am aware of family members with varieties of skin tones — from white to black, and most everything in between.

Many of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers were raped by their White slave owners, creating family lines and strains with the complete spectrum of possible skin tones.

It’s the mind, not the skin, that matters for our continued survival. What is most important in today’s African or Black community is not having a White mind. A White mind is counterproductive and an insult to Africa, We understand that Michael Jackson is Black inside and out; so enough, Jay Leno and the rest of you minstrels. Stop playing the race card. Stop hating.

Michael Jackson (not Jacko or Wacko) is recognized as a powerful, loving entity in the Black community, and among all kinds of people in the larger world outside of the pundit-prism complex. Jackson means more to us than his critics will ever know.

We love you unconditionally, Michael Jackson!
We love you more.

Mary E. Blevins-Cox is a practicing attorney in Washington, D.C. She can be reached at

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