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What do you KNOW about Michael Jackson???

"Most of what they print is a fabrication. It’s enough to make you want to ask, "What happened to truth? Did it go out of style?" —Michael Jackson

Media Celebrity Attorney Debra Opri is Only Legal
Analyst to Predict Michael Jackson Vindication…

Media celebrity attorney Debra Opri, who stood firm
on her predictions in the
trial of Michael Jackson, was the only TV news
legal analyst to accurately predict the "King of Pop" would be
vindicated on ALL counts against him.

Opri told prime-time CNN Headline News show host Nancy Grace,
"This is the bitter pill you’re going to have to swallow
Nancy. This is the reality, not the reality you have created for the
last year. Michael Jackson is not guilty. Let him live his life in peace
and stop trying to retry the case."

Celebrity attorney Debra Opri was the eyes and ears at the trial
for Michael’s parents Joseph and Katherine Jackson. She attended
the trial to keep them abreast of the court proceedings and to explain
any legalese during the year-long trial. Her first-hand knowledge of the
tight-knit Jackson family allowed her to ascertain that these are good
people, with good morals.

As a child protection advocate, Debra Opri fought to protect
children when she took on the nation’s largest foster care agency
in Los Angeles. While she projects a tough exterior in the face of
criticism for her association with the trial and the charges against
Michael Jackson, Opri has fought to protect children and will continue
in her efforts to protect children from abuse and neglect.

"While Michael may be eccentric, the evidence did not support
a guilty verdict or that he ever harmed a child. There is, however,
overwhelming evidence that Michael has helped thousands of children
around the world! Try to find that story on the networks," says

Business Wire

I know that he loves the Lord.

No, I’ve never met him, yet, I know his spirit. 

I know, because of what he consistently says and does,

not what I hear others say about him, who by the way,

have never met him either.

I am constantly inspired by him. 

He’s so much more than a Pop Star and that’s what I love about the brotha.


Matthew 7:19-21  Luke 6:44-46   Matthew 12:33-35   Matthew 7:14-16   


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