Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

MiJac is Back!

I thank God that you’ve chosen to get back to work already. 
He has a way of having His way.
I should have expected it from you, being The Giver that you are.
I hope that means you’ll be coming back "home" to us here in the USA to record.  Knowing you’re so far away, makes us miss you more somehow. 
I can’t wait to hear the new song for your "from the gulf to the gulf" relief project. I know that whatever you put your hands to will  prosper as well as touch souls and you know that all of those people affected by Hurricane Katrina really need the help.
You were born to love on us, we were made to love you.
Hope to see and hear even more of you very soon.
Do yo thang baby!
Love U Always,

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