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From the Gulf to the Gulf

MiJac is back!

Such a variety of styles…that’ not only creative, but wise cause that just draws that many more fan bases in with the mix…Ka-Ching!  And we know that Michael has a way of blending and weaving differences together and then stampin’ his flava on it!!!  It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t end up with a mass choir in the background cause God is in the midst of all of this fa-sho.  It’ll probably raise more cash than all the other celebrity efforts put together…everything he puts his hand to is gonna prosper.   Yeayah that’s right, I’m callin’ it.

What a wonderful way for him to be pulled away from his sabbatical, straight back into doing what he loves, writing, recording, and giving.  Broke? Yea, right.  It’s costing him bank to pull this thing together…and then give all the profit away.  But that’s the way he rolls.  He knows that he’s blessed to be a blessing, which is another reason why I love the Brotha.

Sony, watch and weep 

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