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Leave Him Alone

 Leave Him Alone

They know that he knows their game

that’s why they continually try to ruin his name


afraid the truth his light will show 

they can’t afford for too many people to know


how greed has them fooled them into being consumers

of addicting lies, deceit, and rumors   


he’s not brainwashed or blinded by their tactics

It’s as though even they’ve become zombies and addicts


addicted to causing him pain

this is truly insane


why else would they go through so much fuss

it’s enough to make me want to cuss


I can’t even imagine how he must feel

but he keeps the faith; baby yea,

it’s the only way he’s able to deal


it frustrates me to no end

the way he has to constantly defend


every single move he makes

will it ever end?

My God, what will it take


for them to just let him be?

Lord, have mercy, please.

He’s only human, as strong as he may be


I pray, one day, they’ll all have eyes to see what I see

He just wants a better world for you and for me


–Monica  9/16/05 


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