Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

Thank You God

Thank You God,
for restoring Michael, body and soul,
for tuggin at his heart strings, stirring up his gifts
and drawing him back to doing what he loves to do,
what You’ve called him to;
creating beautiful music and giving.
I believe that what ever he puts his hands
to will prosper.  I declare that his work to fund
restoration in the lives of the hurricane Katrina
survivors shall have success beyond what he
could ask or think and in the name of Jesus the Christ,
he will reap 100 hundred fold more blessings than
what he sows.  He shall continually be blessed because
he is a blessing.
I call these things done by faith,
and I thank You Heavenly Father
for Your favor on his life.  I thank You
for Your light and love that shines and
funnels through him to touch our hearts. 
Oh Lord, You alone are worthy to be praised.

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