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Michael is a unique SINGER, not a Rapper


News says, or should I say rumor has it, that Michael is turning into a Rapper…?

Yea, right.  God NO!

I’ll believe that when I hear it. That’s not his style… although I admit that SHOUT was real cool.
His style is to blend multiples, and create his own, not to get stuck in any one "style", Thank God!

If anything, I can see him diggin’ even deeper into truths and spirituality, which by the way, is very different from religion, and perhaps adding some rap flava here and there… but then, he’s already been doin’ all that!

He’s always done his own thang, why would he change now?

I expect more of the same amazing, ever increasingly better blends from Michael.

That never gets old, that’s why he’s a living legend, and that’s what I love about his music.


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