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NAACP Demands Sign Be Removed


NAACP march protests skinhead gathering

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 10/02/05

More than 50 members of the NAACP marched Saturday in rural Paulding County to protest Hammerfest 2005, an annual gathering of avowed racists.

The NAACP group, clad in bright yellow T-shirts, chanted slogans as they walked about two miles between a church and a roadside bar along Ga. 120 where the skinhead gathering was scheduled. A roughly equal number of people stood and lounged outside the Georgia Peach Restaurant and Museum; some heckled the protesters but were otherwise peaceful.

A law enforcement contingent that included at least one helicopter and police officers —outnumbering both sides in the sometimes boisterous verbal confrontation — escorted protesters to and from the bar and closed down a section of the highway during the march.

Stopping outside the restaurant, NAACP protest leaders mounted a pickup truck and used a bullhorn to call upon restaurant owner Patrick Lanzo to disavow the gathering being held on his property.

"Racism is terrorism," the protesters chanted. A loudspeaker set outside the restaurant piped a steady stream of racially offensive comments.

Protest speakers, including rally organizer Kimberly Alexander, president of the Douglas County chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, also called upon Lanzo to remove messages on a portable sign in front of his business.

One side of the sign welcomed Hammerfest while the other contained a disparaging declaration — which included the n-word — about enter- tainer Michael Jackson and his recent acquittal on child molestation charges..

There were no arrests during the protest, said State Patrol spokesman Larry Schnall. "Overall a successful day as far as public safety is concerned," Schnall said. "Both groups expressed themselves and were protected."


NAACP Demands Sign Be Removed

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The NAACP staged a protest in Paulding County Saturday in their efforts to have what they call a racist sign’ removed from a restaurant.

A sign outside the Georgia Peach Museum says pop star Michael Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges simply because he has money. The sign also uses the “N” word to make its point.

The NAACP wants the owner to remove the sign and accused both the owner and Paulding County leaders of hiding behind the law.

“We want to send a message to the young people” said Douglas/Paulding County NAACP President, Kimberly Alexander. “But we also want to send a message to the community and to the elected officials who choose to sit back by and not do anything about this sign.”

The owner says the sign is protected under the first amendment.

However new ordinance being proposed by the county commission could make signs like this one illegal.



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