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Dear Michael

Dear Michael, 

Thank you for your transparency, the revealing of your soul that’s so clear to me. I know that it’s the Christ in you that the Christ in me sees. I wish that the whole world could see you the way that I do, the you that God has revealed to me, is such an amazing sight to see.  

Thank you Jesus.


It’s as though you’re oblivious to, like you don’t have a clue, even though I know that you do, about what God is doing through you, that makes us fans love you so. I believe that’s what causes some to go wild for just a touch or a glimpse from you. I think it’s the Christ in you that they see, even though many are not even be aware that that’s what it is. I pray that they will begin to not just appreciate, but to also see beyond your talents, gifts, and uniqueness, which are really only the vehicles that God has given you to point them to Him.  I hope that from now on, they will not only see and hear you, but listen to your messages of love through your words and deeds.


To you, my kindred spirit, I say thank you, for allowing God to use you, in spite of what others may say or think. You’ve obviously been blessed to have had many wonderful teachers and mentors to inspire and impart wisdom into you and I’m grateful to you for sharing that with all of us, and for helping me to open my mind, heart, and spirit to embrace the child in me. I’m getting to know and learning to love her again.


I’ve been given the precious gift of seeing and feeling your heart.  Almost like it was put into my hands to examine, to open and peak inside.  It’s the biggest, most beautiful heart I’ve ever seen.  I believe that the only way it could have gotten that way, is that you’ve actually been gathering and storing pieces of all who love you in there.  How else could it have grown so big?


I pray for you, a love that feels like home, like your favorite place on earth, the place where you are free to just be, a love that is your safe place and sanctuary, a place that you’ll long to stay, that you can’t wait to get back to when you’re away for more than a day.  I pray for you love, from a woman who sees your soul and values your heart, the kind of love that you so freely give. 

I thank God for you.


You should know that you labor not in vain, that someone else is listening to your heart, and gathering pieces of you and storing them in theirs.


Love you more each day,



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