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Michael Jackson’s Thriller is #1 AGAIN!

The King Of Pop has done it once again. With the release of the new apple itunes, the King Of Pop dominates both the US and UK itunes charts.
In the UK, Michael Jackson storms the charts at No.1 with the complete Thriller video. Smooth Criminal at No.8, and Billie Jean at No.19.
In the US Thriller has entered the charts at No.2, meanwhile Smooth Criminal comes in at No.18.
The Thrill is Not Gone
A week into its existence, the video option on iTunes — $1.99 to download moving pictures to that newfangled iPod — has revealed some not-so-surprising truths.  ”Thriller" is the mystery we can’t seem to crack.
Yes, ”Thriller," the video starring Michael Jackson, the 13-minute epic, directed by John Landis, has hovered around No. 6 and No. 7 on iTunes all week.  Apparently, 1983 is calling, and it wants its culture back.
Even a 19-year-old can appreciate Michael Jackson.
It confirms (note to Diddy and pals) that a video doesn’t have to be bootylicious to work.
It proves that Justin Timberlake and Usher are —
what’s a nice way to put this? — derivative.
Maybe that’s the secret to the iTunes appeal:
It’s a way to freeze time, to revisit Michael, who had all the moves.

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