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An Icon of the Century

Michael on Variety’s list of 100 Icons of the century:
By VARIETY STAFF, Sun., Oct. 16, 2005, 12:00pm PT

The US entertainment magazine Variety made a list of the Top 100 icons of the century, covering the world of showbiz since 1905.

Of course Michael Jackson made it onto the list.

Parts of the explanatory statement read as follows:

 Michael Jackson’s status in the pop pantheon cannot be dismissed.

He led the Jackson 5 to sales of more than 100 million records, and repeated the feat as a solo artist with such hit-producing goldmines as "Off the Wall" and "Thriller." For more than two decades Michael Jackson’s fame, wealth and notoriety grew exponentially as he became a global superstar.

Jackson was the first Black artist to crack MTV, and his concerts broke box office records. He wrote musical stories and created song-length films that set new standards in performance and production…

Variety is currently celebrating its 100th birthday.

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