Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

Know you had to go


Such bitter-sweetness


Know and hate that you had to go

my tears are of both joy and sorrow

the mind says yes but the heart says no


You have to do

What’s best for you

and yours


Can’t say that I’m surprised

although I hoped you’d come back

after a while


Glad you found a new place to call home

Sad it’s on the other side of the globe


Keep in mind

No matter where you reside


You are forever in our hearts

you’ve taken a piece of each of ours 

No distance can change that


I thank God for you


I pray that everyday

You have His joy in your heart

And His peace in your soul

That you will continue to grow in

and share His love and your spirit

with the world


Always Love You Michael,


Monica & your USA FanFamily



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