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No man owns Michael

Something to Think About: They Just Can’t Get Enough

Friday, 21 October 2005

By John Karrys

Jury duty? Is the county of Santa Barbara that desperate? Did they recklessly spend all that money they made from the trial? Back in debt are we? No one in the free or not so free world believes that this jury notification was random. Unless, being complacent in one’s ignorance and mental stagnation is a way of life. The Humpty Dumpty’s of America don’t seem to get it. You don’t own Michael Jackson. There are handlers who carefully package some sports and entertainment stars so they can keep audiences transfixed on their manufactured personas and escapades. It’s a drug of a different dimension. That is the America that has been imported to the world. It is a façade that the world isn’t buying into anymore. Michael owns Michael and that bothers too many noble parasities.

It would be refreshing again to focus on some talent, works in progress, new innovations and creative outlooks on the social and economic problems that currently face our realities. The media has degenerated into such a tabloid merry-go-round because many writers and critics are far too intellectually complacent in that fictitious non-world than actually contributing something new to the human discussion. Who doesn’t love engaging television, film and scholarly inquiry? I’d like to see it. Why does there seem to be such a vacuum in contemporary American culture? It isn’t by accident, that’s for sure.

The ends to which this carefully controlled media is permitted to defame a man however which way they choose is a profoundly dangerous presentation of what else America is importing to the world. The world market will decide that it has to stop.

On a lighter note, the other day I was singing to myself James Brown’s rendition of the Frank Sinatra classic, “That’s Life.” I love James’ interpretation. It always seems to pick me up after a minor setback and I seem to have a shuffle in my step when I visualize my life with that song. There are a couple lyrics I’d like to share, once again. Perhaps it might motivate you to listen to that song once again.

 Some people get their kicks on stomping on a dream.

 But I never, never let it get me down.

 I want to know if you know what I’m talking about.

You bet I do.


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