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The Thrill is Not Gone


October 22, 2005

A week into its existence, the video option on iTunes — $1.99 to download moving pictures to that newfangled iPod — has revealed some not-so-surprising truths.  ”Thriller" is the mystery we can’t seem to crack.
Yes, ”Thriller," the video starring Michael Jackson, the 13-minute epic, directed by John Landis, has hovered around No. 6 and No. 7 on iTunes all week.  Apparently, 1983 is calling, and it wants its culture back.
Even a 19-year-old can appreciate Michael Jackson.
It confirms (note to Diddy and pals) that a video doesn’t have to be bootylicious to work. 
It proves that Justin Timberlake and Usher are —
what’s a nice way to put this? — derivative.
Maybe that’s the secret to the iTunes appeal:
It’s a way to freeze time, to revisit Michael, who had all the moves.

Source: The Boston Globe


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