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Gospel Music Helped Jackson Family

Shirley Caesar, by many called "The First Lady of Gospel", said in an interview in Fort Lauderdale that her music seems to have helped the Jackson family cope while brother Michael was on trial. Janet Jackson, Michael’s younger sister, was reportedly moved to tears upon meeting Caesar at the women’s luncheon at the Santa Barbara (California, USA) estate of Oprah Winfrey during her Legends Weekend. 

"She walked over and she stood by me and she was crying and she said to me, ‘I grew up Jehovah’s Witness, and we were not allowed to listen to your gospel music. But when I got out of the nest, I was able to listen to not only your gospel music but other gospel singers.’ She said, ‘It’s your songs that have been carrying us through this storm with my brother,’"

Following the meeting with Janet, Caesar immediately began to solicit prayers for the Jackson family during concert dates up until the trial. When she finally got the news of Michael’s acquittal she was in the studio recording:

"Honey, I left the mic, and I walked into the room and began to give God glory! I gave God praise!

You’ve got to understand that there are a lot of people who want to become instant millionaires at anybody else’s expense."

Source: MJFC / Black Voices AOL

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