Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

A Special Calling

Heavenly Father,

I pray today that you reveal to your chosen ones exactly who they are and why.  Show them Father, Your purposes for blessing them so abundantly and for making their names great.  Tell them Lord, to use the courage, gifts and talents that You gave them to boldly reach out and touch the souls of all of the millions of people whose ears they have the undivided attention of, with Your Word, Your truth, the Gospel. 

Surely that’s the reason You gave them the privilege of having the adoration of so many. 

I pray that they will surrender and dedicate what You have given to them back to You to be used to accomplish Your purposes and the assignment that You have for them to do, without any doubt, trusting their ways to You, knowing that You will direct their paths and give to them freely, all of the strength, wisdom and resources that they need.
By faith, I call it done, now.

In the name of Your Son Jesus the Christ of Nazareth.

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