Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

Lessons in Difference

Who else on earth has had as incredible a life?  Yes, there are many other “child stars” that have had similar experiences, but how many have had as many for as long?  So why is it that we expect Michael to be “normal” when he has not had the many “normal” experiences of a “normal” life??? Duh?


His entire life has been lived, for the most part, in a “bubble”, from what I understand, even before he became “The” Michael Jackson, but definitely since then.  It’s a miracle that he’s not truly insane, considering the cons of his life experiences, although there are clearly many pros.


He spent most of his time as a child, with adults, when he should have with kids his own age.  Right away, his perspective changed because he had to learn to relate to cynical issues of life as an adult, on top of living the life of one, with all of it’s other pressures and responsibilities, that no child should have to bear.  The plus side to that is, he obviously became wise far beyond his years, in spite of the lack of social exposure.  I believe his saving grace was the biblical teachings and nurturing he received from his mother, bless her heart.  Were it not for the faith he has, he surely would have cracked long ago.  But through his faith and the childlike innocence that he was able and determined to hold on to, he is one of the most unique people on the planet.


What I find to be the most ignorant thing that people do is judge him, or anybody else, by their appearance, which is so superficial.  That’s kinda like judging someone on the color of his or her skin when you think of the difference it makes.  I believe that what we see on the outside in terms of style and dress is nothing more than an expression of ones personality.  When we get stuck on that, we miss out on the opportunity to learn things that people who cross our paths come to teach us.  To me, there’s something to be learned from everybody, regardless of what they look like.  It comes down to whether we receive wisdom from them or through them.  


I for one have looked far beyond what Michael looks like, although I think he’s handsome (-:, to look for what he brings in the way of wisdom.  Not only did I find, just from reading and listening to his own words, that he’s more normal than I thought possible, considering his life, but to my surprise, I found a wealth of wisdom.  I’ve never heard such biblical wisdom come out of anyone outside of a preacher, pastor or priest.  And that, coupled with his passion for mystical, childlike fantasy, it makes sense that he is the way he is.  I’d say he has the best of both worlds and what’s wrong with that?  Nothing!  It’s just outside of the “norm”.  Some people feel the need to criticize him because of what they can’t understand and that’s sad.  They miss out on so many beautiful and valuable lessons found in his difference.


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