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Folks still trippin’


I recently had a conversation with a friend who usually has lots of compassion and spiritual wisdom.  I mentioned that it’s so obvious to me, from the lyrics to his songs alone, that Michael loves the Lord.  To my surprise, she denounced and criticized him.  She said that he was a Jehovah Witness and that somebody else writes his songs.  Ordinarily, I would have jumped defensive and debated about that, but my spirit wouldn’t let me. 


I simply pointed out several songs that he did write, hoping she might check them out for herself, enlightened her on the fact that he no longer of that doctrine, and used the “any way” to change the subject.  It wasn’t until much later that I realized why I so easily held my peace.  It’s pointless to argue with someone who clearly doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about and who has evidently based their “opinion” solely on what they’ve heard in the media.  I also took into consideration and give benefit of the doubt because of the fact that so many have been affected by molestation in their own lives and have a difficult time being objective as a result.


In the midst, others listening to the conversation had nothing to add, but one person did raise an eyebrow when I mentioned the song “Another part of Me” as he started singing the lyrics with a question mark.  I think that at least he may do a little research and seek some truth for himself.  The thought of that made my day.


What a shame it is to miss out on the blessing it is to peer into his

soul.  I am continually strengthened by his strength and inspired by his spirit.


Few individuals have endured more emotional heartache and pain caused by so many, purely out of ignorance.  So misunderstood and yet he continues to be kind, giving and to smile.  How can anyone deny the love of Jesus in this man???  Still trippin’, trippin’, trippin’…why???

“I can’t understand it!”


Update:Folks are comin’ around

2 weeks later…

I was at my friends house again and guess what?  There was a copy of the HIStory album on the kitchen table…

Her 12 year old daughter had borrowed it from a friend and was online watching the videos to the songs and had some on her iPod!!!

She said that she remembered singing Bille Jean when she was real little and was just re-introduced to him now that she’s older.  HaHA!  Ain’t that somethin’???   I don’t belive in coincidence…God does have a sense of humor!  I don’t know if she over the previous conversation or not, but anyway…Michael, you’ve gained another fan!  I told her about the Visionary project and I’m pretty sure that she’s gonna buy a few of those single/DVD’s.

The DISC 2 was playing on the computer when her Daddy came home and he started bobbin’ his head asking who it was.  I told him and he was surprised when he realized the CD wasn’t mine, but seemed to be cool with her listening to it.  The Mom was okay with it too, cause she knew that the daughter had it.

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