Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

mirror of my thoughts


Careful ‘ bout putting yo mouth on me

If you got a problem it’s not wit me

I’m just doin’ the will of God that be

I can only be what he wants me to be


All I wanna be is a child of God

That’s the desire of my heart

Number 1 priority

Is to be what He wants me to be


Tried to be a people pleaser

But I couldn’t please everybody all the time

Found it wasn’t very easy

Matter fact a couple times I almost lost my mind


And then somebody had the nerve to say

Oh you’re a Christian now, but what about yesterday?

That very moment I realized

All I wanna be is pleasin’ in my daddys’ eyes


I’m not the picture perfert person

I’m not makin’ no excuse but then again I’m still rehearsin’

I’m not lookin’ for no credit

But there’s always the one who won’t let me forget it


Always the one in the glass house

To put me in a platinum FUBU jumpsuit with the back out


So if you’re comin’ to remind me

All I gotta do is look ahead and put the past behind me


I won’t worry ‘bout a thang

I won’t play into these games


But I’m gonna rise above

Pay a hater back wit love


I’m gone let the drama slide

Put my feelins’ to the side


I’ve lived long enough to know

We all reap what we sow



Be careful


It doesn’t matter what you say

I’m gonna serve Him anyway

I’m gonna do what He tells me to do

Cause it’s the only way I’ll make it thru


Trin-I-tee 5:7 What He Wants/The Kiss  Listen


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