Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

What’s in a song title?


Always Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’,

Why You Wanna Trip On Me?


So Threatened they tried to kill me.

Used to make me wanna Scream and Shout 


Can’t kill my legacy; I’ve already made HIStory,

but they’ll do Anything for Money


2 Bad, so sad,

Liars and thieves even stole my Privacy,

Beat It, Leave Me Alone  


Them and their Tabloid Junkies sit back and Smile

little do they know

they are Dangerous to their very own souls


I know They Don’t Care About Us,

but what about their own minds and bloodlines???


When we Come Together, we’re Invincible, Unbreakable

Whatever Happens, Black Or White,

You Are Not Alone  


This Time Around let’s Remember The Time

we sang Heal the World,

take heed to the Earth Song,


“This is injustice
Woe unto thee
I pray this punishment would have mercy on me”


Fulfill prophecy.


“Somebody hurt my soul now”
but, as always, I
Keep The Faith


That’s one thing NO ONE can take!


Pray for each other and Cry for all of The Lost Children


Monica 11/30/05  

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