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Truly Prophetic


The lyrics are so applicable to now, ten years later…probably even more so than they were in ’95.  They need to stop haunting this man. 

Will they ever get it Lord?

It ought to be against the law.  Slander!  Lock ’em up. 

Shouldn’t have to sue to get ‘em off your back.  They should have to prove what they say, back it up with facts.  Whatzup wit dat???

Freedom of the press my assk me if I care?  What about his rights?  What about his freedom, his peace, his privacy?  The man is on the other side of the globe and still they’re talkin’ trash!!!  Still lyin’ schemin’, demon actin’, no life, what cha smokin’, tokin’ playa hatin’ …

What the HELL?  Okay, I’m no rapper, but you get the point.

Leave him alone, DAMNed!!! 

Get a clue, you can’t overcome good with evil.

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