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Do you hear the Symphony?

Symphony of INNOCENCE  
June 17, 2005
By John Karrys

Children of the world, there is hope. It is okay to be different and be self-made in mind and spirit. We are now reminded that one should strive to tell the truth and be loyal to one’s conscience and remember that karma returns to those who lie with malice. You can choose to stand apart from those who would like to manage your mind and not believe you have to fit into any conventional wisdom or pyramid of conformity. It’s really okay to choose not to follow this cliquish opinion of the moment, or that sheepish behavior. At this moment, Michael Jackson’s symphony of innocence is the best thing America has exported to the world in a very long time. It is a blaze of hope.

Listen to the symphony. Listen and watch closely. Notice the nuances from this or that pundit who was so sure that Michael Jackson was guilty. What do you hear? Does it sound logical? Did it ever sound logical? Do you notice certain faces puffing up? Listen to Tom Sneddon’s mumbling press conference; it felt like a Humpty Dumpty moment did it not? To all of those who hedged their careers on a Michael Jackson conviction, fear not, the angels of retribution will visit you shortly. Consult your lawyers for details. This includes those who felt it was their right to meddle in his private financial affairs. Last time I checked the pulse of this nation, any person’s private property was generally to be respected and honored. Most working people can appreciate that. I guess those moral vultures living outside of that pulse will learn that lesson. Perhaps they need some music for some insight.

A great thing about captivating music is that it can elevate ones awareness toward a more productive plateau. Listen closely to the attempted Michael Jackson career obituaries. This media has tried to tell the public that Michael Jackson’s career took a dive in the 90’s and has never recovered since. What standard did they use to decide that? A musicologist? Is it because he began to create music and videos that questioned the prevailing conditions of the time, instead of creating music for the dance clubs and charts? Revisionist music historians have tried, unsuccessfully, to desecrate the Jackson name by marginalizing his musical trailblazing achievements. Many “experts” will now have to undergo a credibility review.

For the last week, the world saw pictures of a jail cell. Who should really be there as a retribution of justice? How many?

Throughout the world, the use of malicious force seems to be used illegally as a tool to exercise more state power over millions of innocent people. Out of this display, children begin to see value in lying and abandon values because they see adults lie constantly only to profit and be rewarded without consequence. Not this time around. There is a wheel of possibilities as to who should fill that jail cell and set an example. Media and legal statisticians are still working out the final tally as to the number of perjuries committed. Stay tuned.

In schools, universities, corporations, and our courts, we have clearly witnessed an epidemic of lies, frauds, the manufacturing of false profits as well as rampant perjury. As a result, we are sleeping complacently in a dangerous bed of lies. Michael Jackson’s explosive symphony is a victory for the truth and justice that is possible in all of our lives.

Ladies and gentlemen, to personify integrity isn’t out of style. To add value to the world is something to strive for as opposed to striving to be a vampire of someone else’s work and wealth. Victory is both peace and an authentic expression of what is possible throughout the cycle of life.

Michael’s triumph and rite of passage is a composition to the world; a unique symphony of innocence. At least, it seems possible that we can lock and load our victorious consciences with faith, diagnose our dangerously sick institutions and peacefully heal our communities.

For You And For Me.

A Note from MJJsource:

Team MJJsource would like to express our deepest thanks to John Karrys for the profound and powerful articles that he has contributed to this website over the past year.

John, in your articles you have so eloquently expressed the words that we felt so strongly but, as Michael’s official website and voice, were gagged by law from expressing. We thank you for ‘speaking’ those often unpopular opinions and for courageously looking beyond the contorted image and twisted stories that were being force fed to the world on a daily basis throughout this process. We applaud your independent and insightful mind and thank you for letting us share ‘you’ with the world!


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