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That’s how Michael is

“He would always take time to see the sights (referring to Michael when he was on the road). I recall that when we were rehearsing at Liverpool, he stopped the rehearsal so that we could look at some beautiful clouds that had wafted in. That’s how Michael is.
They closed down the Louvre in Paris for a whole day while Michael and the rest of us went through. In Rome, Franco Zeffirelli gave him a big party. All of the lovely crème de la crème were there, and suddenly Zeffirlli couldn’t find Michael. He looked all over and finally found Michael in a room with a bunch of kids in their pajamas, and they were all playing.”
“He’s the most natural, loving person I’ve ever known, a very good person, as corny as that sounds. He’ll see a picture of a baby, and if it’s a cute kid, he will go absolutely gaga over the picture. During the tour, on his nights off, he would go into a toy store and buy ten of this and ten of that and then stay up all night long putting batteries into the toys, making certain each and every one worked so that he could have them ready to give to kids back-stage the next day. As if he didn’t have enough to worry about.”

“Every night the kids would come in on stretchers, so sick they could barely hold their heads up. Michael would kneel down at the stretchers and put his face right down beside theirs so that he could have his picture taken with them, and than give them a copy to remember the moment. I’m a sixty-year-old man, and I couldn’t take it. I’d be in the bathroom crying. But Michael could take it, and right before going on stage no less. The kids would perk right up in his presence. If it gave them a couple days’ more energy, to Michael that was worth it. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a prince of the world.”

 –Seth Riggs
Michael Jackson’s voice coach

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