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He says what I feel


Over the Christmas Holiday, a family member asked me what it is about Michael that caused me to become such a big fan of his.  Initially I said, “ I can feel his pain”.  A day or so later, after giving it some more thought, I said to her, “he says what I feel”. 

I believe that’s what draws people to him.  Undoubtedly he’s extremely talented, and that’s what gets our attention.  But it goes so much deeper than that with Michael, cause there’s a lot of talent out there.  With him, there’s an unquestionable connection, and for many of us, it’s spiritual in nature.  Of course, if you say that to people who can’t feel it, they think you’re crazy, but it’s true. 

I guess it’s the nature of some to judge and criticize what they can’t understand.

And I believe the day is gonna come when a whole lot of folks are gonna regret that they ever bad-mouthed him, cause whether they want to recognize it or not, he is a chosen one.  And when they do that, they are literally puttin’ their mouths on a gifted child of God and even most fools know that ain’t cool. 


Do you not see the signs of the times?  And where is Michael? 

In the Middle East, the area where it all began in the garden…in a land ruled by Kings…probably acquiring property…hmmm, very interesting.

Grace is runnin’ out y’all…it’s a new year and OUR judgment day draws near.

He is simply a man, gifted by God, who channels his God-given power, rules over his own mind and spirit, submits himself to the Spirit of God, and chooses to use his God-given blessings to be a blessing to children.

Ever seen the short film “Brace Yourself”?  Although he’s awesomely talented, it’s more than talent that causes so many people, from so many different backgrounds, races, and age groups, to react that way:

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