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His Voice of Hope

Michael Jackson and his voice of hope for our world.

I have been a fan for many years and it never ceases to amaze me the power influence Michael Jackson has on people of all ages.

With his talents as a performer and music he has become an inspiration to millions of aspiring singers and dancers. One I example recall, was when he visited Gary Indiana, early on in this last trial and marathon of recent events and a small young boy, (7 or 8 years old) declared into the cameras and microphones thrust in his face that, when he grows up he wants to be just like Michael. He quickly broke into an impromptu Moonwalk for the cameras and reporters. A quite good performance I might add.

I myself have met many careful minded and totally rational people advanced in years (83 years with one, many in their 50s and 60s) that adore Michael and follow his every move, performance and impending new release.

Most of the older fans recall the years when MTV might as well have been called Michael TV. Nearly every other music video played was of Michael his sterling performances of perfection and innovations that marked and copied were to find their way into the performances and styles of such greats as Madonna, Prince, later Usher, Timberlake and even the Vegas shows of Cline Deon.

The Music Video has for years accompanied the presentation many performers as a lead or promo to a new album, but there is little dispute that Michael Jackson revolutionized it as a emerging art form in that now most every major star co-cuts a Video to accompany their singles. Cerography, music, arrangements, theme and theatrical production values to be taken to new heights never before seen in the industry and Michael to lead the way.

There are those who will also point to Michael universal appeal as a champion of many causes. No one can question or exception with his phenomenal generosity and championing of Children’s issues worldwide, most recently and during the trial, to raise awareness of the children orphaned by the Aids crises in Africa and many other countries across the globe.

Always the champion of the oppressed and forgotten, Michael again turns his attentions to help the people of the earth ravaged by the tsunami disaster of Asia and most recently the disasters of Katrina Rita and Wilma in the America, very country that has so willfully, at all levels, Media AND Government, ignored his rights to and fair and impartial trial.

Undoubtedly still stinging inside from what many responsible individuals have maintained as a mockery of American Justice, Michael comes out with determination and forgiveness taking the lead in his heart and now is hard at work on not only a single, but a major Musical and I hope a MAJOR Video effort and relief/performance production for these survivors of these many, many worldwide disasters.

Critics have touted that Michael is only seeking a comeback and exploiting these recent events and suffering for his own gains and image renewal.


This stance has no merit when you reflect on his LIFELONG commitment to the disadvantaged, homeless, infirm, Cancer and Aids stricken of our people. This is NOT any different than the years of effort he has put forward for the forgotten of our earth.

This courage in the face of merciless slander and denigration is and probably always will remain one of the single most endearing qualities I admire about Michael Joseph Jackson.

The man has courage!


The value I hold most hope in, is the longevity this “New Effort” can mean for these people and survivors. Long after the PhotoOps have passed and the Press and Politicians, who in my estimation are the TRUE exploiters of these miseries of our people, have moved on, Michael and the host of other that are pouring their hearts, soul and talents into this production, will be benefiting Millions.

We know that Michael is capable of greatness. No one can disputed the BOTTOM LINE, CASH PRODUCING success of Thriller. We know Michael to also be a perfectionist in ALL he does. For me, this latter FACT, offers much in the way of patients, as I await and anticipate this release.

My hope,,,, ?????

No, no, no!

MY PRAYER, is that God shines once again on the efforts and talents of Michael Jackson and the efforts of his friends and companions and fellow Artists and this product find favor to exceed the financial success and popularity of Thriller.

A quarter of a century later and Thriller is still selling in the MILLIONS annually. Can anyone not see the potential for the continuing assistance this effort man mean for Millions of the injured, broken, orphaned and disheartened of these catastrophes???????

For me the panning and suspicions that have been tolerated if not encouraged that surround this relief project are unconscionable.

To Michael’s detractors I would say; GET A CLUE!

You are seeing the most courageous man of modern times doing MORE of what he has ALWAYS DONE!

To LOVE our world with every part of his being!

My view, this single effort will help millions, long after these detractors have retired, their narrow minds have faded from their moments in the sun and LONG after the political speeches and empty promises have failed and shamed their makers with inaction and hollowness of intent.

Sing Michael SING!

Sing for our people!


I am SOOOO very proud to be a Michael Jackson FAN!

Not because of his talents only or his music or his success in the face of overwhelming adversity.

I know it has been said before, that greatness often should not be judged by the power of your friends, but rather by the power and influence of your enemies.

If this is any indication of Michael’s greatness?

He casts a HUGE SHADOW!

God’s speed Michael Joseph Jackson!


I am proud to me a Michael Jackson FAN because of the example >>>>>>> OF HIS LIFE!

TR Knudtson

MJ is and was 100% innocent. The world "NOW" sees.


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