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Hi Y’all,
I got this wild idea and thought I’d invite the rest of the World to join me in nominating Michael for a wish on NBC’s Three Wishes show, hosted by Amy Grant.  It would be too cool if he won a wish and we all got invited (expenses paid), to be there to celebrate.  If you’ve ever seen the show, you know they spend thousands on each wish granting.  Even if you’re outside of the states, it could be come available via iPod…Anything’s possible!
Nomination form:
The more the better…please pass it on!  Let’s fill up their mailbox!!!
This is the message that I sent:
(tip: click on map for location…use Los Olivos, CA where Neverland is if you’re outside of the states)
Brief, two sentence description of wish:
I wish that Michael could host an episode or maybe a spin-off kids edition of Three Wishes.  I think that would bring him so much joy and maybe inspire him to continue his Heal the Kids campaign.
Why should this wish be granted?
Because he loves kids so much.  He’s done so much work for sick and underprivileged kids over the years and I believe that it should continue, if he so desires.  It’s not right that his work with them, which is one of his greatest joys, has to end because of false allegations.  I’d like to see him pick up where he left off with his Heal the Kids project.
Thank You,
Words by Michael Jackson
"I have founded the Heal The World Foundation to be the voice of the voiceless: the children"
Michael Jackson on June 23rd 1992 during press conference about the Heal The World Foundation.
"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with. I would therefore like to propose that we install in every home a Children’s Universal Bill of Rights, the tenets of which are:
• The right to be loved, without having to earn it
• The right to be protected, without having to deserve it
• The right to feel valuable, even if you came into the world with nothing
• The right to be listened to without having to be interesting
• The right to be read a bedtime story without having to compete with the evening news or East Enders
• The right to an education without having to dodge bullets at schools
• The right to be thought of as adorable (even if you have a face that only a mother could love).
Our goal is simple – to recreate the parent/child bond, renew its promise and light the way forward for all the beautiful children who are destined one day to walk this earth. And so I conclude with faith, joy and excitement: From this day forward, may a new song be heard. Let that new song be the sound of children laughing. Let that new song be the sound of children playing. Let that new song be the sound of children singing. And let that new song be the sound of parents listening. Together, let us create a symphony of hearts, marveling at the miracle of our children and basking in the beauty of love.
"I truly care about children and their future. I will do everything I can in my power to help them."

Michael Jackson

Please attach a photo of the town/person you are nominating:
I wanted to present a serious image of who he is post vindication, rather than an “on stage” one of what he does.  I definitely didn’t want to send a courthouse shot either, even though he was quite handsome in those!  I chose the recent picture of him in the all black w/coat at Harrods this past October.

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