Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

Hear, Feel, Understand

 I can hear your heart

it beats so loudly in your lyrics


I can hear your prayers in mine

my soul, you so inspire


your singing voice, so full of life

your speaking voice often sounds tired

you’ve grown weary I fear


you wonder if we will ever hear

The message you bring


I can hear you Dear One

loud and clear


You’d like to heal the whole world

but it’s not your job alone

we each have a role

you have the ear of the world

for a purpose and a reason

don’t stop dreamin


You’ll never appeal to everyone

continue to teach the willing ones


I can hear His song in yours

I hear the love

I can hear



I can feel you

I feel your pain

And like you, it often hurts to be me

you are not alone


When your heart aches, my heart breaks

when I see your smile I can feel your love

and when you laugh, I can feel your joy

in the spirit, I am with you and you are with me

you’re just another part of me


We are outside of and beyond time

with you I don’t have to be afraid

I don’t have to pretend

I’m free to be mad or sad or glad

I’m safe to be me

to just be

I can feel you


In that place, I long to stay

there, you never have to go away from me

in that bliss is where I always wanna be

stay with me


Somehow, in so many ways 

I understand
–Monica 12/22/05

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