Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop



After watching The Jacksons: American Dream the other night, and while thinking of Martin Luther King Jr. and the dreamer that he was, I can’t help but to think of what a dreamer Michael is too.  Even though their dreams are similar in terms of bringing people together and achieving it through non-violent means and positive inspirational messages, many people discredit Michaels’ dreams because all they see him as is a Pop Star. 


Oh contraire, he’s so very much more than that!  But that’s all the media portrays him as.  I know that one day, the world will see him for all that he and his family really are and have always been.  And to think of the barriers and boundaries broken, not just in music and videos, but in business and humanitarian efforts as well.  They achieved and surpassed the American Dream, in spite of all of the obstacles, and they did it together, as a family.  It’s no small feat, especially for such a large family, to keep the faith and stick together the way they have, through so many trials and tribulations.


And it never ceases to amaze me how much emphasis is put on the charitable efforts of others but it’s something Michael has been doing for years and years, not just through raising funds, but out of his own pocket as well.  Yet, it’s still a little known fact to most people. 

Oh well, no big deal though, God knows.


Hmm, rumor has it that his upcoming hurricane relief CD is entitled

“I Have This Dream”.  Coincidence?  I think not.



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