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Friends Who Value Your Vision


Find Faithful Friends Who Value Your Vision

from Called to Conquer by Bishop Eddie Long


Today’s Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 1:3–7; Proverbs 18:24
Key Verse: 2 Timothy 1:6

I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

When God gives you a divine dream and heavenly vision, you have to do more than avoid people who are jealous of your dream. You must find people who will encourage you and help you fulfill the vision. You need to find spiritual allies who will constantly remind you of your gifts and abilities (and the One who gave them to you).

It is easy to forget the gift God gave you when you are in the middle of the hunt or in the heat of battle. Everyday pressures can bog you down and cause you to forget your God-given abilities. You need true friends who know you so well that they can tell when you get depressed or discouraged. Before you know it, they will be at your side, reminding you of the vision and of all the times God has come through for you.

It is important to stir up the gifts inside you. Paul the apostle made it clear that it is your job; so stir them up! Let me speak to you as a friend and brother in Christ: You are not what those jealous people say you are. Get up and keep going. Do not just lie there; God has invested great gifts in you for a great purpose. You have a special God-given ability to get through this!

Today’s Prayer:

 Declare this prayer by faith: God, I am stirring up the gift. I remember the dream You gave me. Please show me the friends I need to encourage me on my journey.

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