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God Told Me


God Told Me to Do It Because No One Else Would!

from Called to Conquer by Bishop Eddie Long


Today’s Scripture Reading: Genesis 37; 50:20
Key Verse: Genesis 37:20

“Come therefore, let us now kill him… We shall see what will become of his dreams!”

Do you have the vacant look of someone who has lost his dream? Perhaps you have not lost it at all. The problem may be that you have shared it with the wrong people. Joseph shared his heavenly vision with his brothers and in their jealousy, they tried to kill him to keep it from coming to pass.

Some people just cannot stand to see you dream. They get jealous when you start talking about big things and climbing higher than they have. They almost always say, “You cannot do that. Nobody else has done it, so why are you so special?”

If someone says this to you, tell him, “That is exactly why God told me to do this—because nobody else has done it yet. Sorry, I cannot afford to talk to you anymore. Bye!” Then walk worthy of your calling and be faithful to step out on the water by yourself and walk.

Today’s Prayer:

Make this prayer declaration with me now: Lord, I am stepping out on the water. I am forgetting the “Joseph’s brothers” who tried to kill my dream and quench my faith. I am resurrecting it right now, and I am stepping out of the boat. Hallelujah!


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