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Divine Interruption

Daily Devotional
from called to Conquer by Bishop Eddie Long

There Is New Life After the Divine Interruption:

 Matthew 4:19–20

Today’s Scripture Reading: Matthew 4:19–20
Key Verse: Matthew 4:19–20 Genesis 12:1–7

He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him.

Has God interrupted your life? Abram was minding his own business when God intervened through a divine interruption and told him to leave his country, his extended family, and his father’s house and go to a land He would show him.

Perhaps God interrupted you at a party. Maybe He interrupted you in a traffic jam on a freeway, or in the middle of a class or a meeting at work. God cannot be controlled or managed. He can invade any circumstance to blow up your plans and mess up your game. When He does, you can count on it being a lifelong interruption. He will suddenly show up and tell you to step out of your comfort one and follow Him into the unknown.

One thing I have noticed about God is that when He tells us to get up, He usually does not tell us where He is taking us. All we know is that when He says, “Go,” we have to go.

God has interrupted your life or you would not be investing this time with Him through this devotional book. You had some plans of your own, but God changed them.

God often places us in areas in which we feel conspicuously ill equipped. He interrupts our lives so we will lean on and draw closer to Him. Enjoy the journey.

Today’s Prayer:

 Pray this prayer if you dare: Lord Jesus, I know You interrupted my life for a purpose. Today, I choose to walk away from all those things and get up so I can follow You. I do not know where You are taking me, but I trust You every step of the way, and I know there is a blessing in store for those who obey

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