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my thoughts tonight

Mrs. King was referred to as a Visionary at her Homegoing service by a couple of different people.  I couldn’t help but to think of Michael and his Visionary video singles, coming out this month, as well as his hurricane Katrina relief single, entitled I Have This Dream.  They both have such humble spirits.  As I thought, I prayed that he will have a long, long healthy life and hoped that more people will realize the depth of this sweet soul and the truth of the conspiracy AGAINST him BEFORE he dies. 


I wonder how many people outside of Michael and his family and friends considered the fact that the devastating hurricane Katrina happened on his birthday???  And of course, his immediate reaction was to announce that he was going to write a song to raise funds to help the people.  I know most of us only had thoughts about all of those poor people in New Orleans, initially, and later on in Alabama and Mississippi.  Much later, I thought about that the civil suit against him in New Orleans, probably had it’s records washed away at the courthouse, and wondered if the man who had filed them was even still alive. (Bartucci)  BTW, he is and the judge is considering dismissing the case.


As I read the timeline of events, I was struck by the name of the deputy secretary of Homeland Security @ the 11:05 pm entry:


That’s a lot of interesting facts that make me go, hmmmm…

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