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UNauthorized new book: My World

 My World

The UN-official Photobook by Michael Jackson is due to be released in March.

The book is SUPPOSED TO BE a very personal retrospective of his life, in pictures and also includes some hand written poems by the King Of Pop himself.

Book Description
The book features more than 40 full color photos from Michael Jackson’s private photo archive. Never before seen pictures show Michael Jackson on stage, in the studio, on award-shows and very privately at his home. A photographic review of his career and unique life on and off stage. A close up portrait of the world’s greatest entertainer, a human being with emotions and fascinating thoughts which are the result of forty years being in the worldwide spotlight.



Apparently the rights to the book are owned by a former business associate who is currently suing Michael.  Its been said that somehow he will receive ALL of the royalties from the book even though Michael is listed as the author…?  So, because of that, some fans say they refuse to purchase it and others say they’ll view/read it in the bookstore.  

The die-hard collectors who do buy it will most likely share the pics and poems online anyway.


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