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I Have This Dream

By Carla

MJEOL Freelance Commentator

Feb 25 2006 –


"I Have This Dream", is the song title to Michael Jackson’s charity single for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Quite conveniently, I have this dream too. A pretty nice one, in fact!

Now before you dismiss this as a peachy, rosy, bubble-gummy article that oozes sweetness and cheesiness, let me just preface this by saying that my dream isn’t tailor- made for a world that is unrealistic.

My dream, on the contrary, deals with something that can be reasonably achieved if our present society of MJ fans learn to do one thing. Learn to ‘get right’. As in, cease our selfish, self seeking, frivolous and downright ridiculous expectations of Michael J. Jackson.

In my dream we can do it!

We can place him on a human scale again, not a supernatural one.

In anticipation of new music…a new image…a new this… a new that…we can still remember that he is, first and foremost: Human. The brother can’t do it all…Right?

He can’t spin out hit after hit on OUR clock or forumulate a new bevy of mind boggling short films, worthy of a million and one gold statuettes that are passed out at those award thingies.

He can’t snap his fingers and birth a # 1 album for the ages. He can’t rally every wish list musician to join him on a certain charity single just to appease our desires to add new material to our MJ Collection. If he could do all of these things, you may as well create the Utlimate Michael Jackson Guide to Bowing Down To The Masses.

In our loftly expectancies of him, we cannot see him so one-dimensionally, it would be a shame if we did.

He is not just an Entertainer. He is also a Brother, an endearing Uncle, somebody’s close Friend, a doting Father. One day his babies will be able to articulate that their Daddy made them who they are today, and they will be so proud of how they were raised. So let him have his time.

Perhaps out of the most profound of these titles, we should now add with joy: ‘Acquitted and Exponentially VICTORIOUS AND INNOCENT Man’ to his profile. That alone describes an era that we will remember in detail for generations to come.

He survived and persevered more than any of us would ever encounter ever. Here, you’ve got one of the greatest, most resilient icons of our lifetime that we have been spoiled and blessed to have. He went through some wicked hell and back. His career was stopped, his health was compromised.

While we all could retire to our comfortable beds at night, who knows if this man got any degree of decent sleep during that whole ordeal? What fan has ever had 12 strangers hold the key to either their victory or their utter demise? Do we know how it feels to have your personal and intimate world invaded by the enemy for the whole earth to gawk at? Doubt it.

I am the first to admit, I need Michael’s music. I need it and I crave it. And like the legions of others around the world, I wait in dizzying anticipation for new music. Any new music.

But let’s not forget that his life isn’t for rent. Let us not forget that in the not so distant past, he knew not of where his future lied.

The sham of the century called the Michael Jackson Trial, snatched away that glimmery, shimmery facade, and instead replaced it with anxiety, fear and brave– albeit sometimes shaky–resolve. So why, less than a year after his acquittal, do we still expect so much?

He has had to dramatically adjust his life for his fans, should not fans learn to adjust our lives…our needs…our requirements in the same reciprocal fashion?

We, as fans, simply cannot borrow this man on credit, and use him to our heart’s content. He is the master and keeper of his own pulse, and only he has the right to decide when things are right for him.

So with that said, let us chill and relax and enjoy the fact that we have this man in our lifetimes. He has given so much, and has taken so little in return that the least we can do is let loose some of our needs to be entertained, and keep things in perspective.

He’ll no doubt impress us again and again in some form or fashion; Rarely does he ever disappoint. One can only froth at the mouth at what is to come!

I think that we can all rest easy knowing that Michael knows and understands fully what his obligations to the industry are. He would not go about grinding and slaving away after all these years to shore a unique legacy, only to stop cold turkey.

His profession by nature has always been to satisfy the keen hope and eagerness of those who have followed him through the lean, mean, tumultuous and blindly successful years. I know that he has accepted this responsibility and that he takes it seriously.

He is aware that we have sacrificed to buy up his albums faithfully, and have shelled out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to see him in concert. We have all but mortgaged the house, given up our first born and taken out high interest loans to attend his fan events. We have hoisted his name to the highest of heights, even when no one else would.

We have made him wealthy, to a large degree, and have been there for him in his darkest of hours. He is like family. And even he agrees. He has once said that he is married to his fans. And it’s true!

We can pretty much agree that the institution of marriage, in any context, should be dealt with delicately and with respect. And in order for Michael to remain happily ‘united’ to us, let’s be reminded that such a relationship requires compromise. A whole lot of it! It’s that clichéd two-way street.

Like married couples everywhere, we all need to sacrifice once in a while in order to make grand strides in the long run.

Michael has and will always be on our hearts and minds. We all should want what is best for him, and not second guess his every gesture. He’s had confidence in us, let’s return the favor and have confidence in him.

As we enter a new era of him immersing himself in fresh projects and making acute decisions and creating music, we must hold dear that this one man cannot please us all. We all want to enjoy the overabundance of creativity and ‘wow-ness’ that will have us clinging to every move he makes. So let’s have some patience, folks. It’s a virtue! And it’ll pay off in the long run.

So after reading this, my dream may not be your dream? Well that’s fine. But at the very least, I think that Michael Jackson’s fans can learn to step back and assess what makes Michael, Michael.

For me, it’s allowing Michael to be human. Plain and simple!

Carla is a member of the MJEOL Forums and a member of the MJEOL Administative Division’s Freelance Commentators

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