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The Voice of Truth

From called to Conquer by Bishop Eddie Long

Did You Lift Your Head When You Heard the Call?

Today’s Scripture Reading: John 10:1–30
Key Verse: : John 10:27

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

There is a new call in the earth—yet it is an old call. This nation, and the whole world, is crying out for truth. Unfortunately, they are not finding it in the church. As a result, Christians and non-Christians alike are following an ever-changing conglomeration of lies and nontruth. Yet there is a call, a voice, a word that God is whispering into the innermost parts of people around the world. They cannot tell you where it comes from or repeat it word for word, but whenever they hear somebody stand up and proclaim it, they lift their heads and feel their hearts beat faster.

Does this describe you? Do you hear the call to the true gospel of the kingdom? Does your heart beat faster when you hear the truth? This is the season of the kingdom.

Today’s Prayer:

 Lord, I hear Your voice despite the deafening sound of man’s competing slogans, programs, plans, and opinions. The sound of Your voice always causes my head to lift up in expectation and my heart to beat with new life and joy. Grant me the grace to faithfully follow You no matter where You lead me.

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