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Statements: Mr. Joseph Jackson, Jermaine Jackson & Raymone Bain

Los Angeles___ Family Patriarch of the Jackson Family releases the following statement:

"Our family has been manipulated and taken advantage of for a very long time and its time that this destructive maligning of our character stop."

The Jackson Family will no longer stand still and be a punching bag for the press to hit below the belt!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many fans around the world for their love and support of my family. Your loyalty does not go unnoticed and is appreciated.

Angel Howanksy Family Spokesperson
Gail Felix Assistant

Source: MJFC / Angel Howansky & Gail Felix


March 6, 2006


Family Spokesperson Angel Howansky spoke to Jermaine Jackson this morning.

Jermaine is "very angry and upset" at the obvious attempt of Stacy Brown to capitalize on the Jackson Family name once again.

Jermaine along with his Family takes these false reports very seriously and will take legal action.

Angel Howansky Family Spokesperson
Gail Felix Assistant

Source: MJFC

Hello All:

Please advise the fans that I have issued no statements regarding the
alleged Jermaine Jackson book proposal. And again, another British
reporter, Emily Smith of the London Sun, has made up a quote and
attributed it to me.

I have demanded that Ms. Smith, and her editor, pull this quote immediately.

The liberties that some journalists are taking by recklessly using my name is getting out of control. This is the second time in one week, that I have been falsely quoted by a British publication.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


More from Raymone Bain:


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for your
quick response in advising the fans that I have not made any statements
whatsoever regarding the alleged book proposal.

As I indicated to you, I demanded that the reporter, Emily Smith, and
the editor of the Sun, pull the false quote attributed to me from their article.

And, they have.

This is the second time in one week that my name has been used
recklessly by members of the London media, and a false quote has been
made up under my name.

I truly hope that this is the last time I will have to deal this kind of

Again, thank you for your cooperation and kindness!

Raymone K. Bain

Source: Raymone K. Bain/Gail Felix/

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