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Don’t Trip… He Ain’t Through With Me Yet!

Streaming Faith Teams Up With Steve Harvey’s New Gospel Movie

Imagine the scene: One of the Original Kings of Comedy finds himself in packed out arena… full of church folks!  That is just what happens in comedy icon Steve Harvey’s new concert film entitled “Don’t Trip… He Ain’t Through With Me Yet!”  Harvey rises to the occasion, giving one of his funniest and most memorable performances ever, tackling issues like faith, family, preachers and relationships. 

Streaming Faith is proud to partner with CodeBlack Entertainment to promote this family-friendly film that shows a different side of a very public figure in the world of comedy.  Steve Harvey sums up his personal spiritual development by saying, “It’s been a long journey.  Professionally, it’s been over 20 years.  I’m just glad I know Him, I’m glad He got me to this point.”  Harvey adds, “If you ain’t got God, you ain’t got nothing.  You can believe that and take that to the bank!”


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