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How Can I Be Holy?
For it is written, You shall be holy, for I am holy.
—1 Peter 1:16 Anyone who truly loves God wants to be holy. We desire to be like Him, and He is holy. Holiness signifies separation unto God. A state of holiness results in conduct befitting those so separated.

The Lord instructs us to do certain things, but He also provides us the ability to do what He requires. We struggle and labor when we try to do what He wants in our own strength, instead of calling upon His strength by faith.

The seed of holiness is planted in us at the New Birth. As we work with the Holy Spirit and water that seed with God’s Word and our obedience, we begin to see positive changes in our behavior and in all other areas of life.

Many Christians spend most of their lives waiting to see themselves change before they will believe anything positive about themselves. But the good news is that God sees our hearts. We have a desire to do what is right because He has given us a new heart and put His Spirit within us.

When we start believing what the Word says about us more than what we see or do, then our behavior begins to radically and rapidly change.

Believe it: You are holy, because God says so! –Joyce Meyer Pray This: Father, thank You for making me holy by Your mercy and grace, and by the sacrifice and bloodshed of Your Son. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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