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Love Letter in Bahrain News

We love you Michael

MICHAEL Jackson has been walking around in our minds since we were about five years old. He has made a big impression on our lives, and we want him and everybody to know how nice a person we think and know he is. And believe us, he really is!

Through many years, Michael Jackson has done much for this wounded world we are living in. He is always keeping the faith, and believes in goodness in all. Others could learn so much from him.

Maybe you can’t see it at first sight, because of all the stupid allegations which have dominated tabloids for years, but we can tell you this – If you look deep into your heart and see what kind of person he is, you can’t but love him! We have done this, and that’s why we believe Michael Jackson is a person whom you can’t describe in words.

Tabloids fill you up with rumours and allegations, and that’s not the truth. Why don’t people listen to the truth from the man they are hurting?

Many people may like Michael Jackson because of his enormous talent and his songs, but it is not just the way he entertains people around the world – in a class of its own – that makes us adore him, but also the personal and emotional things he has been doing.

Starting projects like Heal the World and helping children live a happy life even though they are very ill, takes a lot of courage and a big heart. Who else but Michael can do such divine things?

Michael Jackson has such big dreams and visions about making the world a better place but he can’t do it on his own. We must come together and help him.

Michael, we love and adore you more than words can say. But now we have tried.

Louise and Mia, fans. Europe loves you!

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