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Neverland animals adopted

Update: OCT ’06

Excerpts from Tippi Hedren interview:

Speaking of Shambala, how are Sabu and Thriller, the Bengal
tigers that came from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch?

Hedren: Just beautifully. The lake has been filled up in
their new compound. We had to drain the lake so that we could add them to this
compound. Tigers love water, you know. To play in and sit in.

Can you see the tigers outside your window?

Hedren: No but I visit the animals every day and I’m
surrounded by them. I have a mountain lion off my kitchen and either a lion or
a tiger off my guest bedroom, and I look out my living room and bedroom windows
and can see the liger or several lions in a pride.

So do you have a "Beware of Cats" sign posted at
the entrance to your place?

Hedren: I do! Yes, I do!,0,1613858.story?coll=mmx-movies_heds

March ’06

Desert Sun News, Click here for Full Article

Neverland animals are being adopted to good homes says Tippi Hedren who is Melanie Griffith’s mother, founder of the Roar Foundation, a Big Cat sanctuary which maintains the Shambala Preserve.

She is said to be a good friend of Michael’s…

Of course that’s good to hear, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Michael. At the same time it’s sad because Neverland has given so much joy to kids and kids at heart for years, just as he wanted.

But things change and sometimes in life we have to let go of things, and even some people that we hold dear, in order to make room for other people and things that are actually gonna be better for us…though it may not seem like it at the time. God has a plan.

The most important thing is that he’s able to go on with his life, hopefully having learned and grown from those experiences, seeing the interruptions as detours and stepping-stones rather than as roadblocks. I believe that the trials of his journey, especially over the past few years, will ultimately work in his favor.

It didn’t make much sense to keep the staff at Neverland anyway if there are no immediate plans to use the facilities. It won’t be long before Santa Barbara will have a new D.A. Hopefully, Dunlap will win the election for the D. A. position and clean house there too. Having had the spotlight shined on the injustice, it’s time for things to change around Santa Barbara and Michael probably just took a nice long vacation and decided to stay there and work in peace while the clean up is going on, letting the evil doers think that they’ve run him off. It’s unfortunate that he had to go through all of that hell for people to see what’s really going on out there.

I understand his feelings about the his Neverland house not being a home to him anymore after all of the violations of his privacy, but I hate to think that he’s gone for good. I hope he’ll come back to his territory one day and who knows, Michael may build a new home on the property and even end up running that entire county some day! Anything is possible.

Even the Invincible, Unbreakable, Magical Child needed some R & R from the madness in order to heal, regain his strength, reflect, and regroup. After that, I pray that Michael will return to his homeland, at least on a semi-permanent basis.

Things at Neverland will never be quite the same, but they can be even better than before. Who knows what he’ll ultimately do with it…the possibilities are endless.

At the very least we’ll all have the privilege of continuing to witness and enjoy the many gifts God gave him through his work. If that has to be by way of Bahrain or some place else, so be it, but it’s just a matter of time. After all, like Jermaine said, music is in his blood and he was born to entertain.


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