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Letter to the Fans

To Michael Jackson Fans,

I’m Gary Dunlap and I’m running for District Attorney of Santa Barbara County, where Michael’s Neverland Ranch is located. You know what the district attorney did to Michael, in the name of the People. They’ve made it unwise for Michael to live in his own home, and impossible for Neverland to remain open. When I win, I will change that; and win I will, with your help.


Mr. Sneddon is retiring, and has endorsed his assistant, Christie Stanley, to replace him to keep things running ‘as usual’. If she wins Michael will probably be best advised to never return to his beloved Neverland, and the county will continue to be governed with a tightening grip on our liberty.

I got to know and respect Michael riding with him to court during the darkest days of his trial. When I’m District Attorney, I won’t condone or allow the harassment that happened to him and others, to continue.

Successful campaigns are based on support of like-minded individuals. Go to my web site, check it, and if you agree with me, contribute your time, effort, or money in whatever way or amount is comfortable to help us achieve our common goals.

With your help we can make a difference in Santa Barbara County and vindicate Michael’s life at Neverland.

Thank you, 

Gary Dunlap

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