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New Orleans case dismissed


A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by a Louisiana man claiming he was molested by pop star Michael Jackson.


Joseph Bartucci claimed he was lured into Jackson’s limousine in 1984 and held for nine days. Bartucci claimed he was both sexually and physically assaulted during a drive to California and back.

According to court records, he repressed his memory of the case until he saw a television show about child molestation charges brought against Jackson in California. Jackson was acquitted in that case. 
Judge: Jackson in California During Claim

By JANET McCONNAUGHEY, Associated Press Writer

NEW ORLEANS – A judge says he tossed out a 22-year-old kidnapping and molestation claim against Michael Jackson ‘because the pop star proved he was miles away from where the abduction allegedly occurred.

In dismissing the case, the judge said Wayne Nagin, who kept Jackson’s appointment calendar, provided a sworn statement saying Jackson was rehearsing in California for a music tour from May 20-27, 1984.

"The calendar reflects a series of appointments each day during the period," the judge wrote.

Moreover, he said, a California woman swore that she had known Jackson since 1976 and remembered talking to him on May 13, 17 and 20, 1984, about getting an award from President Reagan on May 14 of that year.

Bartucci’s attorney, Louis Koerner, did not answer his telephone Tuesday. On Monday, he said he was shocked by the dismissal but could not comment more until he saw the judge’s reasons.

Jackson’s lead attorney, Charles Fenner Gay Jr., said that "there’s no question we believe the entire case is trumped up by Mr. Bartucci."

The judge noted, but did not rule on Jackson’s contention that Bartucci is a "professional litigator."

In a 2005 court filing, Jackson’s lawyers said Bartucci had been involved in 18 civil and criminal suits over the previous 17 years, including one raising allegations of sexual abuse against a minister.;_ylt=AhiSLphPIACEjegNOZn4yIuZGA4B;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

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