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what cha thinkin’?

PAY ATTENTION to what you’re thinking
Do not fret or have anxiety about anything,
but in every circumstance and in everything,
by prayer and petition (definite requests),
with thanksgiving, continue to make
your wants known to God.


sure way to lose your peace and joy, it is to allow worries and anxieties to multiply in your life. There are a million and one things that cause anxiety, and if they reach your heart they weaken your faith, destroy your peace, and escalate into big problems. Apart from prayer, apart from being able to place everything in your life in the care of God, Paul’s instruction is impossible.

The next time you feel you’re sinking remind yourself that your Father in heaven is very experienced. For forty years He had no problem providing for every need of three million Israelites in the wilderness. Keep Him always in front of you. Turn your cares instantly into prayers and leave them with Him. Anchor your faith in God and discover the truth of what the English poet and hymn writer Frances Havergal wrote: “Those who trust Him wholly find Him wholly true." 
–Dave Meyer

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