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Re: Michael’s NEW album

Teddy Riley (Dangerous) said to work with Michael again…

Excerpts from interview with Greg Clifford @ Underground Soul:

Teddy Riley is a man who needs no introduction. Yep, yep, he’s the King of New Jack Swing, who’s innovative sound paved the way for many of today’s R&B artists. His work with the likes of Keith Sweat, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson and his own groups Guy and Blackstreet have sold millions of copies worldwide. It has been 3 years since the last Blackstreet album, but they are back on the road along with Guy and have new albums in the works. We caught up with Teddy to talk plans for the future, Michael Jackson, Lil’ Man Records and protégés new and old.

Greg: What’s next after the tour?

Teddy: I have to go work with Michael Jackson and I have to work on these Blackstreet and Guy albums. With Michael Jackson, if we could do a 4th quarter, which I doubt, it’ll happen. If not we’ll definitely do a 2nd quarter next year.

Greg: Are there other people working with Michael Jackson on his record or just yourself?

Teddy: There will be other people working on there but he’s looking at me doing some quarterbacking on the project. I’m probably the one who is gonna foresee this project going forward on the music technology production side getting everybody to finish their projects, and hopefully he designates me to be that quarterback.

Greg: I played all the tracks you did with Michael on “Dangerous” earlier. I feel they were way ahead of their time.

Teddy: That’s why it is still playing. It’s pretty much the way all of my music is made, even with Guy and Blackstreet. I kinda follow the Prince, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson formula – be ahead of your time so that your records are still playing years later.

Greg: Would you say the “Dangerous” album is one of your favourite projects?

Teddy: Yeah, it is one of my favourites along with Bobby Brown, Guy and Blackstreet.

Greg: Are you going to be working with Bobby on his comeback?

Teddy: I don’t know. He’s sent a message through a few people that the only person he wants working on this album is Teddy Riley. But it is gonna be too late as I’m gonna be in Bahrain with Michael, Guy and Blackstreet with my writing and production team so it’s probably gonna be too late.

Greg: You mentioned Quincy Jones, and I know he is a massive influence on you. I always wanted you to do that Quincy Jones style project. An album by Teddy Riley with both established and up and coming artists singing and you as the producer. The likes of Michael, Bobby Brown, Aaron Hall, Big Bub….

Teddy: There will be a time for that. It’s kinda like planning out the next 20 years of my career and there will definitely be a time for that. I just need to get everyone back together. Once I get everyone back together we’ll have another millennium version of “We Are The World” and a bunch of things. I have my composers and my scores and we are gonna do movies and TV projects. So just look forward to it.

Greg: So you don’t really re-use tracks?

Teddy: No I never re-use tracks like that, unless somebody request that I remake… like NSync when I did “Just Got Paid” over, they asked for it and I did it.

Greg: “Look In The Water” on the last Blackstreet album was originally a Mike E song though wasn’t it?

Teddy: Yeah, it was a Mike E song that never came out. These guys really wanted it so I said let’s do it. There’s another song that I want to re-use for Blackstreet which is a song that Michael Jackson did called “Heaven Can Wait”.

Greg: Finally, if you had to pick one song from your massive catalogue which would it be?

Teddy: Erm…… “Remember The Time”!

Greg: Great song. Teddy, I hope that all your projects go well for you this year.

Teddy: I know, God Bless’, it will. So far I’m feeling it. I’m just trying to stay calm, get my rest when I need it and keep it moving. I’m just trying to stay on the same formula that I’ve been on. The hardest working underground man in the business!
Teddy previously worked with Michael on the first six tracks of 1991’s Dangerous album as well as the title track, Ghosts, the title track from 1997’s Blood On the Dancefloor, Heaven Can Wait, 2000 Watts, Don’t Walk Away and Whatever Happens from 2001’s Invincible.

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