Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop

Dear Michael


One year ago today

time seemed to be standing still

but now that time seems far away

God is so good and hears us when we pray


Today you’re being celebrated

for the wonder that you are

in both talent and spirit

by all who appreciate

from near and far


you look so GOOD in that BAD tux

Always good to see you smile,

your walk, your talk, your style

hadn’t seen that in a while


You’re stronger, wiser, and better than ever

I can see it in your eyes

yet with the same sweet spirit we all adore

we look forward to seeing and hearing more

of you

and all the new works you have in store


There’s a place in our hearts

that only you can fill

we love you more Michael

we love you still


Monica & your USA FanFamily

God Bless Japan!

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