Yesterday, Today, & FOREVER The King of Pop


One year ago today

time seemed to be standing still…




but now that time seems far away

God is so good and hears us when we pray!


Now we celebrate justice for a sweet spirit we all love.


A gentleman with a beautiful smile, a kind heart

more genuine and giving than anyone I’ve ever met

his songs like the sermons of a modern day prophet

set to music.


A better imitator of Jesus

than most pulpit preachers


commonly mistaken as weakness

alien to this age

they throw labels in rage

from their own frustrations and fears

the message they don’t hear

bruised but not broken

anger unspoken

strength and love to spare

Who would dare

to suggest

he’s anything other than blessed?

None but a fool.


You Survived.:


A Mother’s Son:




From a firm foundation

kept the faith, stood the tests

in spite of the evils that tried their best

to ruin his name

he sees their game

that tired agenda remains the same

they’re behind the times

he’s beyond it in his mind

says Albert Einstein

great spirits vs. mediocre minds

weathered the storms, took the pain

that like the Katrina flood and rain

on his birthday came

the warrior not only survived

but thrives… 




 6/13/2006  We celebrate justice! 

the living legend continues…   


and the best is yet to come…

Long live the King!

— Monica & the USA FanFamily



It’s been a very strange day, it’s half past 7pm and I’m just now realizing the significance of this date…wondering if it’s the reason I felt compelled to get this little celebration project completed today, 7 days before the actual date of vindication and pondering on which day I should post it before I leave town, since ironically, I will be visiting California for the first time on that day…things that make me go hmmm? 
I think today is a perfect day to post it.  Ha!

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