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Divine Deliberations

Divine Deliberations

Much prayer, daily, from around the globe, produced much power.  What the pundits and other naysayers don’t realize or can’t understand is the fact that there were millions of people, all over the world, of every race, age group, and social class, praying for Michael Jackson.

The Jury was under arrest, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and they probably don’t even know it.  They had no choice but to do the right thing, to follow the instructions of the law and arrive at a verdict based solely on the evidence, in spite of personal opinions or beliefs. 

I believe that the entire trial was a series of messages from God to Michael as well as to the rest of us and partially because of the distractions of the media, many of us missed them, focusing on the what the media had to say.

It was portrayed as merely another celebrity falling from the pedestal the world put him on, rather than the persecution of an innocent human being that it was.  They did get part of it right though.  Some of the fans were criticized for their worship-like attention for Michael.  I think in some instances, that’s a correct assessment, however, I also think that it’s not just Michael Jackson, the amazingly talented man, that they’re drawn to, but rather the Spirit of Christ that resides within him, speaking to the Spirit of Christ in them. 

For me, there were far too many similarities to men of the Bible, including Jesus and the crucifixion of Christ written all over the trial to simply ignore them.  There are lots of other gifted artists, but how many have ever crossed as many ethnic, age and social class boundaries, not to mention geographical? 

No “man” has the power to touch that many hearts without divine intervention and purpose.

–Monica 6/17/05


Mr. (T-Mez) Mesereau – Interview

(Gotta love this man.)

I got a call from Randy Jackson asking me to meet his brother in Florida. Did I hesitate? No. I realized I was embarking on a major undertaking that was likely to consume me. But I’m used to having a life in my hands. It’s a calling.

I was curious to meet Michael. Who would not be? (Up close, Michael looks like Michael.) And I wanted to see Neverland. Elephants parade through every day.

We had to get into gear very quickly. Every day I would psych myself up-like an athlete – to have a certain level of disdain for the media. I never waved at the cameras. I don’t think hardworking people who sit on juries appreciate lawyers who look like they want to be movie stars. Court TV became a tabloid. They had people following the case who were clueless as to what was really happening in the courtroom.  Robert Shapiro, a former attorney for O.J. Simpson, never appeared in court once, yet he consistently predicted a conviction. He looked ridiculous.

I don’t prep witnesses the way they do on TV. I think jurors are very intuitive about whether a witness is honest or not. McCauley Culkin had always said, “I am available whenever you need me to tell the truth.”  The prosecution was trying to dissuade him from coming. Efforts were made to suggest that he had nothing to gain by testifying. Whenever anybody is in trouble in life, you find out who your friends are. And when the chips were down, many people abandoned Michael. He wanted to testify, but I decided, we’re here to win this case.

I was already at the courthouse when Michael arrived to hear the verdict. I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss our conversation but I will say this: Michael and I are both spiritual people and we knew that at this point, it was in god’s hands.

You never get used to taking a verdict. Your heart always skips a beat-it’s always a cliffhanger. I heard rumors that the prosecution was celebrating in advance. Certainly, you’re feeling good as you hear each “not guilty”.  When it was over-and it was a long four and a half minutes-Michael said to me ‘thank you, thank you, thank you.’ We hugged each other. He was so frail. And he went right back to Neverland.

The first person I called was my girlfriend. Then I went to Neverland. Michael’s brothers and sisters and his children were there, and Grace, his nanny and assistant. The feeling was very subdued-relief. There were no balloons.



Such a blessing to so many,

darkness cannot comprehend,

the rays of light that you emit,

a true example of His love and strength…

God has a new direction, new beginnings in store,

shake the dust off and sing a new song…unto the Lord,

about how He brought you through,

and what His love has done for you.

His Peace.

–Monica 2005

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