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Learning from Michael

A tribute to Michael, to our faith & the greatest lesson we’ve learnt

Hello everyone,
First of all, a big ((hug )) and all my love to the most wonderful, loving people on the planet-the Michael Jackson Fan fraternity!
I’ve never posted on this forum before, though I’ve been part of this wonderful site for a very long time. (MJEOL)

I’d like to share something I wrote during the time when I found myself being completely overwhelmed with a deluge of mixed emotions- on June 13, 2006-the first Anniversary of our Victory! The reason I wrote it was that I needed to get it out of my was a kind of release ( I was crying too much already)..but another more important reason why I wrote (and shared) it with other fans was that I wished all of us would take a while to look back, reflect and ask ourselves what we learnt about life, about ourselves and about the world during this most traumatic experience we all went through together, and if it changed in some way the way we looked at the world and our own place in it. Did it make us better, more empowered in the face of difficulties? Did it help us find aspects of our being we did not know existed? And though it’s nice to wish each other a Happy Vindication day, I felt if we asked ourselves this one question, and then went ahead and lived out the lesson learned, it will, in some way make all the pain of the past seem worthwhile. This post is a tribute to our fellowship and our love and respect for the one who has taught us so much over the years. It may be a little long, but I hope you’ll read it.

And I sincerely hope if we all shared your experience here, it will add to our wisdom and help all of us on our life’s journey.
Please do share your experience.

Love and blessings always,


One year on…, and my heart still doesn’t know exactly how to respond to this day that holds such infinite significance in our lives! Never in my life have I known a day that stands for such truly deserved joy and victory, freedom and vindication, and yet hold so much pain and agony…and anger in it’s fold. It’s hard (even impossible) for me to think of the sweetness of this day, without remembering the sadness and anguish of the days that preceded it. I’m not a pessimist. And I’m not a crying baby. I’m proud of the courage and absolute faith I lived with during the most difficult and insane time of my life. But I’m human. And I know the pain will take a long time to heal. And I believe it’s the same with many of us. But I also know that we won!

I still remember the first moments of utter shock, disbelief, grief and rage on that day in November which was to be the beginning of the test- the test of our faith, courage and loyalty, the test of our own convictions, and, the ideal of Truth and Justice. I remember the tension and frenzy on the message boards, the legal discussions, the vigils all over the world, the campaigns, the prayer circles. I remember being up all night praying or writing countless letters to the media, or circulating information to the many fan clubs. I also remember the nervousness and anxiety, the fear, the anger, the tears, and the pain we all felt and that seemed unbearable at times. I remember the crazy rulings at the court and how helpless we felt; I can never forget the cruel media so bent upon persecuting an innocent man and how mad it made us; or the broken look on Mike’s face the day he walked in late with the backache, and how our hearts sank. I also remember the anguish we felt, thinking how excruciatingly painful it must be for Michael to sit through all those long hours, hearing lies after lies being hurled at him. And it still breaks my heart to think of our beloved Neverland being raided and desecrated.


But I also remember the fans who never stopped believing in Michael and in all that he stood for. So many gave up their jobs(I was one of them) to be part of the battle. I remember those who fasted for days together, or those who drove for miles to be in Santa Maria, or the ones who even put their relations with family and friends on the line when they did not believe in Michael’s innocence. These fans knew that Michael would never even be able to know them, or the extent to which they went to love and support him, but they did it anyway, for it didn’t matter whether he knew or was never even a concern. All that mattered was justice and respect for Michael-the man who they knew had given them so much in so many beautiful ways that they could never thank him enough. Maybe by walking through the fire with him the fans were telling him how grateful they were to him, and that he was not alone.


And I also remember and so admire Michael’s indomitable will and courage during that whole time. There were times before a hearing when I’d be so uncomfortable and my stomach would be in knots and then Michael would arrive, all bathed in innocence and purity, and I’d instantly feel better…and through crying eyes I’d wonder who was supporting whom! And I remember the fellowship, the love and sweetness of being part of the most beautiful fan fraternity. Everyone understood how everyone else felt. We did not need words to express it. Across the continents and oceans, we were holding each other’s hands, in love, in spirit. We knew we were a family, and we were unconditionally there for each other. With bruised hearts and weary minds, but with love in our souls, we continued to fight. We knew the forces we were fighting against, but it did not scare us, nor deter us. We were the Army of love. We were a force so powerful, so determined. And we won!

Why did we give ourselves so completely to this cause? We did it not because it was about a pop star that was being wrongly accused. We were not a bunch of crazed fans blindly supporting the object of our affection. We did it because it was about a magical man who has always believed that he’s here with a purpose, that “…all art has as its ultimate goal the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. And I believe that that is the very reason for the existence of art and what I do.” And if he has inspired us with his amazing art and talent, he has inspired us even more with the way he has lived his life-with absolute integrity, honesty and dignity…and by being who he is- one of the most wonderful, generous, loving human beings the world has ever known.


He’s taught us the beautiful virtues of love, kindness, compassion, humility, courage, forgiveness, hope…not by mere preaching but by living these ideals every moment of his life. He has taught us to believe in ourselves, to stand up for what is right, and to never ever give up. But most importantly, he’s brought us to the realization of the Ultimate Truth that all life is the manifestation of the Divine.. he really has bridged the material and the spiritual. And with him, it was all that he had taught us that was on the line. With Michael, it was the spirit of Truth and Justice and Innocence that was being persecuted and it had to win. And it did, and with it, all of us who had always believed in Michael, in the light of his being, and in the absolute power of Truth!

And so I feel that the best tribute I can give to this day is by asking myself what’s the greatest lesson I learnt during this most difficult time, and then by incorporating that lesson in my life. And every year from now on, on this very day, I shall look back on my life and see how far I’ve come spiritually, how true I have been to myself through all the trials and challenges I had to face. In this way, I’ll be setting a bit of truth in me free, the most fitting tribute to the day when truth and innocence were set free forever. To me that will be a celebration of a far more lasting kind

For me, it was the most spiritually revelatory period of my life. Although I had never doubted our Victory and had absolute faith in the ultimate power of Truth and that of Good over evil, I realized the power of positive, affirmative prayer.
I experienced the presence of angels and found out they are for real(believe me!).
But the greatest them of all- I realized that even if being honest, truthful and compassionate meant being ridiculed and misunderstood by the world, if it meant being tortured and tormented, being deceived and taken advantage of, I’ll still stand tall in the light of Truth …and I shall continue to love, give, and …trust.

Thankyou Michael.

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