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Happy Anniversary!

MJJ-REAL-REALM celebrates 1 year anniversary!

What an emotional ride this has been.  I started this site a year ago as sort of a digital diary, an outlet for myself really, and it grew into this collection of some of my favorite MJJ  photos, stories and a way for me to spread good news.  It’s been a labor of love maintaining this space and it’s been a blessing to connect with other members of Michael’s online FanFamily from all over the world.  I’ve learned and grown so much from this experience, and have regained some of the hope I had lost in mankind through them.  Michael Jackson fans are some of the most kind and compassionate people I’ve ever come in contact with.  

This past year, even though the trial was over and Michael was vindicated, many fans like myself have still been on a roller coaster ride that began the day Michael was put in handcuffs.

Concern for him has lingered because of the toll the ordeal undoubtedly took on him, to the very core of his being, compounded by the nonstop media attacks and lawsuits.   Just when I finally began to feel a release, a sense of peace about Michael that the verdict did not seem to give, from seeing him in Japan, receiving the Legend award and visiting the orphanage…up comes evidence of the conspiracy against him.

It all kinda reminds me of David and Goliath.  This could be a battle that Michael has been chosen to lead.  This thing could very well become a class action suit cause Michael ain’t the first artist “they’ve” done this to, he’s just the biggest one to peep their game AND speak out about it, who also had the resources and commitment to stay in the game, which makes him a real threat.  Should this thing turn into a class action suit, it could change the laws on how the entire industry is run and I think that’s really what Michael wants for everybody.

So, sounds like we’d better strap ourselves back in and hold on folks…this roller coaster is about to leave the station again.

We’re all anxiously looking forward to the new era of his musical career as well as any other new works that he chooses to share with the world.   But I, for one, think it’s more important for all of the legal trauma and drama to be dealt with.  It’s got to interfere with the flow of creativity, although it probably fuels it at times as well.  Seeing how his art comes from his heart, after all he’s been through, it will undoubtedly be interesting and I believe well worth the wait.  Eventually, we will get to experience new works from Michael and as Visionary has proven, his work never gets old.

In the mean time, lets get ready to RUMBLE!

At least this time, thank God, it will be from the plaintiff/prosecution side of the courtroom.
I pray that which ever route Michael chooses to take the evidence in, that justice is served.
Just a collection of my thoughts tonight…

Keep the Faith.


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